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The Leading Music Production and Management Platform

Music Control Room is the ultimate, all-inclusive music production management suite that will automate your process and save numerous hours organizing your music projects.

Easily Manage Projects

Music Control Room makes it easy for you and your clients to stay connected. Status updates and automation make this suite a must-have for your music projects.

Music & Video handling

With our digital 8-count sheets and tagged video uploading, collection of information from your clients is easier than ever.

Customizable Interface

Music Control Room is customizable to fit your needs. Use the statuses and settings you like, so that your clientele remains familiar with your process.

Music producer

About Us

Our world-class music production management software has been used by top producers in the music industry. Music Control Room has become a integral part of taking your client's user experience to the next level.

Multiple service tiers to fit your company:

tier 1

1 to 50 Projects
$99/month (Annual Price - $1000)

tier 2

51 to 125 Projects
$175/month (Annual Price - $1800)

tier 3

126-200 Projects
$200/month (Annual Price - $2250)

tier 4

201-400 Projects
$225/month (Annual Price - $2500)

tier 5

401+ Projects
$250/month (Annual Price - $2900)
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